Helping Hand - PACT Hawai'i 2015

Dec 18, 2015


This week on Helping Hand we’re learning about PACT Hawai’i – Parents and Children Together Hawai’i Family Service Agency. Among other things, they address domestic violence and child abuse, with counseling and a wide range of support for domestic violence batterers, victims, and child witnesses. It is a great privilege to welcome back the organization, with special guests Ryan Kusumoto, President & CEO, and Ha’aheo Mansfield, Senior VP of Programs.

Helping Hand is a weekly feature on HPR1 stations and online here. Each Friday, as part of All Things Considered, we put the spotlight on an organization, topic or event that helps the disabled and others among the most vulnerable with local ATC Host Dave Lawrence.   

Contact PACT Hawai'i:


Phone: 808-847-3285


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