Helping Hand - Domestic Violence Action Center

May 20, 2016

Credit courtesy of Nik Lacchin

This week on Helping Hand we’re returning to the topic of domestic violence and abuse in the Aloha State. We’re learning about one of the non-profits on the front lines of the issue: the Domestic Violence Action Center. HPR ATC Host Dave Lawrence speaks with CEO Nanci Kreidman.

Helping Hand is a weekly feature airing statewide on HPR1 stations each week and then appearing online here, where our Helping Hand segments are archived online. Every Friday afternoon, Helping Hand puts the spotlight on an organization, topic or event that offers assistance to the disabled and others among the most vulnerable.

Contact the Domestic Violence Action Center:


Phone: Legal Help Line is open 8:30 -4:30 weekdays at 531-3771, for islands other than O'ahu: 800-690-6200; for the business office and administration 534-0040


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