Hawaii Legislative Committee Kills Flavored E-Cigarette Ban

Apr 4, 2019

Credit AP Photo/Audrey McAvoy

Hawaii lawmakers killed a proposal that would have banned flavored electronic smoking devices and e-liquids, saying they suspected teenagers would continue to get the products online even if sales were prohibited.

Supporters said the bill was needed to fight an alarming surge in teenage vaping. Hawaii would have been the first state in the nation to impose such a ban if it was enacted.

The House Finance Committee on Thursday deferred the bill, which means the measure won't meet a Friday deadline to move to the full House. Committee Chairwoman Sylvia Luke says it's a "really tough issue" and members understood the need to curb teen vaping.

The committee passed another bill that would raise fines for underage possession of e-cigarettes and raise taxes on e-cigarettes and e-liquids.