Hawaiʻi County Officials Close Bay To Assist Coral Spawning

May 22, 2019

Credit midwinter/Creative Commons

  KAILUA-KONA — A Hawaiʻi county has closed a bay to prevent disruption of coral spawning that scientists predicted would occur over two days.

West Hawaii Today reported Tuesday that Hawaiʻi County officials closed Kahaluu Bay to allow the spawning event that was expected Monday through Tuesday on the Big Island.

Officials from the Kahaluu Bay Education Center's ReefTeach program set up a tent at the bay entrance to inform visitors of the temporary closure.

An official says the spawning is "critical" for the coral to reproduce and survive.

A mass bleaching event in 2015 killed 95% of the cauliflower coral on West Hawaiʻi reefs.

Kahaluu Bay is the only park Hawaiʻi County has closed to facilitate a spawning event. The area was also off limits for two half-days in 2018.