Hawai‘i Becomes First State to Sue Against Trump’s Travel Ban

Mar 8, 2017

Credit Audrey McAvoy/AP

Hawai‘i has become the first state to sue President Trump over his revised temporary travel ban. As Hawai‘i Public Radio’s Bill Dorman reports, the state’s attorney general filed a motion for a temporary restraining order to stop any enforcement of the latest executive order.

Hawai‘i Attorney General Doug Chin wants a nationwide injunction to stop the enforcement of President Trump’s travel ban.

Wednesday night local time, Chin released a statement saying “We all want safety and security in our state. But discrimination against people based on national origin or religion is a very dark path we must never accept.”

Earlier Wednesday, a federal judge granted Hawai‘i’s request to argue its case against the executive order. That proceeding will take place next Wednesday—the day before the travel ban is scheduled to take effect.