Former FCC Commissioner; "Showboat"; Surf Contest Regulations; Writer's Workshop

Mar 18, 2014

It’s Tuesday,  March 18th – From HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Former FCC Commissioner: Michael Copps

This  week is Sunshine Week,  the annual education effort to spotlight  the importance of open government and freedom of information. It was launched as a national initiative by the American Society of News Editors in March 2005. That was after several years of changes to the media landscape brought by consolidation, communication methods and internet expansion. It wasn’t a scenario, Michael Copps had envisioned when he joined the FCC in 2001 and only intensified during his ten year tenure. Some of that is detailed in an open letter to journalists...and this week he’s talking about sunshine.

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"Magnolia" in Showboat: Lea Woods Almanza

Imagine seeing an art form being created right in front of you. That’s what it must have been like at the 1927 opening night of Showboat, the show that set a pattern for musical theater that remains in place today.   Almost eighty-five years later, it’s still a show with plenty to tell us, stocked with great songs and archetypal characters.   Lea Woods Almanza is Magnolia in the show, and her character goes on quite a journey. It’s a Diamond Head Theater production opening ten days from today, and Lea is with us this morning.

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City Regulations on Surf Competitions: Alan Lennard

Perhaps it’s an old contest for attention: surfing versus bodyboarding. In the last week, it took the spotlight by way of proposed changes to the rules for awarding contest permits to use the beach on Oahu’s North Shore .The changes are up for public comment until tomorrow. Alan Lennard, the director of the Pipeline Bodysurfing Classic, says the changes would disadvantage smaller operators and shut down event diversity.

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Writers’ Workshop: Connie Hale

It’s tough to find the ideal environment to be a writer – some of the time, you might want to work in isolation... at other times, you might crave a little peer interaction or feedback.   It’s rare for writers to be in a place where everything that feeds their art is close at hand – but Constance Hale has addressed the issue with a writers’ retreat she’s putting together at Camp Mokulei’a in early May.  She has brought a variety of people together to create a convergence of creative energy, and she’s inviting writers of all persuasions to take part.

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