Following Up: Homeless Veterans

Oct 7, 2015

Credit Wayne Yoshioka

City officials are set to resume sweeps of the Kaka‘ako homeless encampments in Honolulu tomorrow morning.  State homelessness coordinator Scott Morishige says there is shelter space available for all the residents.  Efforts of a different kind are continuing for another segment of the homeless population: military veterans. 

Honolulu is part of a federal program called “The 25 Cities Initiative.”  As part of our “Following Up” series this week, we checked in for a progress report on the program’s goal of ending chronic veteran homelessness by the end of this year.  Greg Payton, the volunteer chair of Partners in Care, says that objective is within reach.

The 25 Cities Initiative says it is on its way to achieving its nationwide goal of moving 57,000 veterans out of homelessness.