Episode 2: Hawai‘i’s Meth Culture

Jun 1, 2016

Credit Noah Matteucci



Many people think of crystal methamphetamine users as homeless addicts with deep-seated mental health issues. While that describes some users, it’s a much broader spectrum of people who have issues with crystal meth. From blue collar workers seeking energy to work multiple jobs to white collar employees, crystal meth in Hawai‘i cuts across demographic lines. Job applicants in the state consistently test positive for crystal meth at more than three times the national average.

This episode looks at how and why crystal meth has reached so deeply into local culture here---as well as where it comes from and how it gets here. This podcast is produced by Hawaii Public Radio with help from Honolulu Civil Beat.

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The story of crystal methamphetamine in Hawai‘i touches nearly everyone in the islands. We see it in our court rooms, our emergency rooms, and in our families across multiple generations.

Over the next month, you’ll hear these stories in our new podcast series, Hawai‘i’s New Ice Age: Crystal Meth in the Islands. And we also want to give you the opportunity to share yours. 

If you or someone you know has been touched by meth, tell us your story. Email us text, photos, videos, or a voice memo to news@hawaiipublicradio.org. You can also share your story online by using the hashtag #HPRMeth on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.