DOH Launches “Fight The Bite”

Nov 11, 2015

Dengue Vampire
Credit Skeeze / Pixabay Commons

There are now 33 reported cases of dengue fever on Hawai‘i Island- and 1 on O‘ahu.

Dengue is not endemic to Hawai‘i- and is spread through mosquito bites.  Now the State Department of Health officials are urging the public to keep safe through the “Fight the Bite” awareness campaign.

People are being asked to protect themselves from mosquito bites by emptying out any standing water, and wearing insect repellant.  High fevers and severe body pain are common symptoms of dengue – and anyone showing these signs should see a doctor immediately. Dr. Ginny Presler is the director of the State Department of Health. 

“Fight the Bite” information can be found at the Department of Health Website.