Dockless Technology Continues To Expand Across Honolulu

Dec 6, 2018

Credit Wikimedia Commons

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Biki gets bigger and a new company offering dockless technology called “Sharee,” muscles in on the bike scene in our Honolulu. What’s in store for the new year?? More regulations? More bike lanes? More competition? A return of the Lime electric scooters? What’s next? Rickshaws have been in maintaining in some Asian countries--now electrified what if they popped up in Hawaii Nei. Remember the pedicab headaches in Waikiki? Have you had a good or bad bike sharing experience here or anywhere else in the world?

Our guests today were:

  • Alexander Wong, the CEO of Sharee and "the new kid in town." It’s a for-profit company that launched two months ago with dockless technology.
  • Todd Boulanger, the new Executive Director of Bikeshare Hawaii, the nonprofit’s bike sharing program, Biki, which launched in 2017 and just expanded its service this week.

  • Trevor Ozawa, who represents Council District 4. East Honolulu and Waikiki. He introduced Bill 57, which proposes a way to on how bike share companies can obtain a permit to operate, how much their fees will cost and what rules they have to follow to keep operations running.