The Debate On Raising The Minimum Wage Continues

Feb 19, 2019

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$10.10 an hour. That’s the minimum wage in the state. Lawmakers raised the bar from $7.25 ten years ago and are considering raising it even higher. Supporters say Ten dollars an hour is far from a living wage. Opponents say raising the minimum salary too fast, could be disastrous for many businesses. Joining us around the table today are

Senator Russell Ruderman Big island lawmaker who is also the owner of a  chain of health food stores. What does he see from where he sits. And also in studio, this morning is the head of the  Hawaii Chamber of Commerce Sherry Menor-McNamara how are businesses faring and what do they fear?

What do you think? So far this session, residents across the state have submitted testimony for and against

several measures now before lawmakers. Do you work at a low paying job? How are you coping?


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