The Conversation: Wednesday, June 29th, 2016

Jun 29, 2016

Long View; All the World’s a Stage Presents Proof; Amoeba, Naegleria Fowleri; Art on the Zoo Fence

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Long View: Neal Milner

Shimer College Classroom Dialogue
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At the nexus of young adulthood and college, there is a lot of liberal thought. In part that’s because conservative academics in liberal arts schools are a small minority—less the twenty percent. It can be difficult to function with  liberal peers and students - as last fall’s campus  demonstrations and confrontations clearly showed. According to a recently published book by two political and yes, conservative scientists, it isn’t easy to be a conservative academic. Contributing editor Neal Milner with a look at the book  "Passing on the right."

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All the World’s a Stage Presents Proof: Paul Mitri

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There’s something disturbing to us about extraordinary mental capacity; not too many centuries ago, the ability to see things others could not was seen as witchcraft, and duly punished. We still don’t know quite know what to do with genius or its close cousin: madness. David’s Auburn’s play Proof looks at the life of a mathematics genius, its decline and its aftermath, from the perspective of a daughter who is haunted by his legacy. Paul  Mitri is performing in the  All the World’s a Stage Theater company production of Proof. 

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Amoeba, Naegleria Fowleri: Sarah Park

Naegleria fowleri lifecycle stages
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This month an Ohio teen water rafting at  the US National Whitewater Center near Charlotte, North Carolina died following a brain infection caused by a  freshwater amoeba. Although Hawaii also has freshwater lakes and streams, there are no cases of  Naegleria fowleri reported in Hawaii. It is summer travel time - and a worthy of a crash course for enjoying freshwater spots without deadly consequences.  Sarah Park is  the State epidemiologist for the Hawaii Department of Health.

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Art On Zoo Fence: Lynn Forney

Art on the Zoo Fence Hawaii
Credit Lynn Forney

It’s along the fence of the Honolulu Zoo on Monsarrat Avenue, across from the bandstand at Kapiolani Park, and it has become part of any walking tour of Waikiki: the ongoing art exhibit known as Art on the Zoo Fence Hawaii. Those painting aren’t there by accident; they’re part of a tradition that goes back more than fifty years. Lynn Forney is determined to keep it going; she’s the President of Art on the Zoo Fence Hawaii.

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