The Conversation: Wednesday, February 8th, 2017

Feb 8, 2017

Education and Social Mobility; Prescription Authority for Psychologists; Exploring Inequality and Protectionism with Kids

Which colleges and universities provide the best outlook for upward social mobility?
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The Long View: Neal Milner

College students prepare to receive their diplomas and become college graduates.
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Generations of Americans have grown up hearing that the benchmark of their success starts with getting a good education. These days, that advice is even truer for people with just a high school diploma. Finding decent jobs is difficult, and compared to their parents who could move up the economic ladder; people with only a high school education are simply moving down. If the key to reducing income inequality is a college education, a fair question is how well specific kinds of schools are supporting mobility. A pioneering study seeks to answer that question. Contributing Editor Neal Milner has had a look at the “Mobility Report Cards” and joins us now.

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HTY Production of Home: Annie Cusick Wood

'Home' tackles issues of inequality, protectionism and privilege in a way that is digestible for children.
Credit Hawaii Theatre for Youth

Our most basic notions of who we are get formed so early in our lives, and the lessons we learn in those first few years are so important.  Playwright Annie Cusick Wood has a way of connecting to those lessons through theatre, drafting plays for the very young, and her newest production, coming to Honolulu Theatre for Youth looks at the importance, and the meaning of, “Home.”

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Civil Beat Reality Check: Toddler Death

At 17 months old, Peyton Valiente was hospitalized with severe trauma after a suspected assault at his day care.
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How can a toddler almost die from assault and the investigation fall so short of best practices? We are asking that question in today’s reality check. Civil Beat reporter Chad Blair joins us now.

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Psychologists Opposed to Prescription Privileges for Psychologists: Elaine Heiby

Psychologists are not trained as medical service providers, so the possibility of receiving prescription authority has some psychologists wary.
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Very often, we have heard from psychologists who believe they need prescriptive authority. How often? One psychologist says over a dozen times in previous legislative sessions and that each time similar bills have failed for the same reason: they unnecessarily jeopardize the health and safety of patients.  UH Manoa psychology Professor Emeritus, Elaine Heiby, is one of the founders of a group opposed to prescriptive authority because she believes her profession has its limitations.

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Auditions for Kilauea Theatre’s Murder On The Nile: Suzi Bond

Everyone has a secret in an Agatha Christie story, and almost anyone could have done the foul deed that sets the story in motion.   The Kilauea Drama and Entertainment Center on Hawaii Island is casting a production of Christie’s “Murder on the Nile” and director Suzi Bond is looking for actors who look as if they have something to hide

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