The Conversation: Wednesday, August 17th, 2016

Aug 17, 2016

Cleaning Up the Ala Wai; Combining Literature and Cocktails; First State of The Environment Report ; The Science of Neurofeedback

Mr. Waterwheel seen in Baltimore Harbor
Credit Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii

Cleaning up trash in the Ala Wai: Kahi Pacarro

The estuary of the Ala Wai Canal on Tuesday
Credit Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii

  For the past two years, Baltimore’s inner harbor has gotten a lot of help cleaning up after floating garbage.  Mr. Trash Wheel, an almost sea snail looking machine cruises the harbor gobbling up an array of plastic castoffs plus cigarette butts. The trash wheel runs on water and sunlight and for a while has drawn the attention of a Hawaii environmental group that’s working to bring a trash wheel to the Ala Wai canal. Sustainable Coastlines ran an Indigogo campaign to raise funds for the feasibility study recently started, which gives hope to executive director Kahi Pacarro that a trash wheel could be in operation by 2018

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Books and Spirits: Stuart Coleman

Credit Rafael Bergstrom

  With all that we hear about the digital revolution, reading -- the kind that involves real books, the kind you hold in your hand -- still has its advocates, and we can all be grateful.    And readers know that one’s experience of a book can only be enhanced by an opportunity to meet with the author.  With that thought in mind, writer Stuart Coleman is organizing a new series of literary evenings called “Books and Spirits.”

*We erroneously stated on air that this event was free of charge. Tickets are $10.

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He Lono Moku: The State of the Environment Hawai‘i 2016: Amy Hennessey

Credit He Lono Moku

  Today the Hawaiʻi Environmental Funders Group releases its first State of the Environment Report. The effort called “He Lono Moku: The State of the Environment Hawai‘i 2016” is the product of 17 organizations working through the Hawaii Community Foundation. The goal is to track the progress of current resource protection while identifying future impact opportunities. Each year the report will focus on different priority issues. The inaugural report takes on three areas: freshwater security, renewable energy and community based marine management. Amy Hennessey of the Ulupono Initiative represents one member of the group producing the study and she’s in our studio now. The Report is available at

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Neurofeedback: Stephanie Garcia

A patient suffering from PTSD receives treatment using biofeedback
Credit Wikipedia

  We feel helpless in the grip of anxiety, or chemical dependency, or any of the other ways people have of losing control… but what if we could see what’s going on in our brains?   Would we be then able to control our most damaging compulsions?   Neurofeedback practitioners say that we can, and that we can use it as a tool to overcome such afflictions as attention deficit disorder, chronic anxiety, and drug addiction.    Stephanie Garcia teaches its techniques on Maui, and she’s on the line to give us some background

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