The Conversation: Visionary Women in Education and Politics

Mar 2, 2021

Today, we're bringing you another program with our partners at the Center for Oral History at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and the Hawaiian Council for the Humanities. As we start Women's History Month, this morning's topic is "Visionary Women in Politics and Education."

Our guests for today are Pili-aloha Lee Loy, a third generation Hawaii public school teacher who retired in 2016 after teaching at Aliamanu Middle School for 46 years, and House Representative Amy Perruso of District 46, a longtime educator and a national board certified teacher in social studies.

We also hear interviews from five influential educators, including Helene Hale and Pat Saiki.

The Center for Oral History will hold a webinar on today's topic on Thursday, March 4th at 5:30pm. You can register here.