The Conversation: Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016

Mar 22, 2016

Hawaii Democratic Caucus;  Recycling Invasive Algae;  Neal Conan;  Bestselling Author Simon Winchester

Palace of Justice, Brussels, Belgium
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Discussion of the Democratic Presidential Poll: Rep Takashi Ohno

Rep. Takashi Ohno

Today Arizona, Utah and Idaho hold their primaries. Other far west states, Alaska, Washington and Hawaii will caucus on Saturday - Democrats only in the latter two states. In our state, how Hawaii’s 34 delegates will be split in the Democratic Party Presidential Preference Poll could be a source of anxiety for younger party members pulled by arguments for and against Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. To get a temperature check, Representative Takashi Ohno, who also chairs a bipartisan coalition of legislators under 35, joins us now.

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Converting Invasive Algae into a Useful Product: Sree Kutty

Caulerpa Taxifolia
Credit Wikipedia

If you’re looking for signs of hope for the future, you can find them in local high school science projects.  they’re impressive, not just for their ingenuity, buy in the values they reflect: protective of resources and the planet in ways that earlier generations never were... committed to reversing the short-sighted patterns that have done some much damage in the past.  Sree Kutty is an eighteen-year old senior at St. Andrew’s Priory School whose project qualified again for the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.  She and her partner Ariana Kim have spent the last couple of years searching for ways to make use of invasive algae.

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From the Farm: Neal Conan

ISIS attacks in Brussels, chaos on the first days of Europe's new immigration policy in Greece, the President plays for high stakes on his visit to Cuba and we're just about half way through the presidential primaries. There is a lot to talk about with news analyst Neal Conan. He joins us now, as he does most Tuesdays, from his mac nut farm on the Big Island.

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‘Pacific,’ New York Times Bestselling Author Simon Winchester

Credit Simon Winchester/Harper Collins

Author Simon Winchester sees the Pacific as a place where cultures clash, a place where there is challenge in the air as East collides with West. For him, as he crafted his new book “Pacific” the challenge was giving shape to an admittedly vast subject. He meets it by choosing stories, from atom bomb tests and the Pueblo incident to the voyages of the Hokulea and the premiere of the movie Gidget, that combine to tell a greater story: one where, by the end, he finds signs of hope. His narrative begins in 1950...

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