The Conversation: Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018

Jan 2, 2018

Department of Health Audit; Sea Turtle Bycatch; Science of Interstellar; Artistic Exploration of Memory

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Department of Health Audited Over Disease Response

Hawaii wrestled with three big public health scares linked to mosquitos, bad scallops, and bad seaweed. A legislative audit uncovered weaknesses in record keeping and the state’s response to the outbreaks.

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Federal Regulators Sued Over Deaths of Protected Turtles, Birds

Protected species such as albatross and sea turtle are regularly killed unintentionally by the longline swordfishing industry.

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Nobel Laureate, Interstellar Producer Coming to Hawaii

Science fiction meets science fact in the film Interstellar. Real-life scientist and film producer Kip Thorne is coming to Hawaii to speak at the Keck Observatory.

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Civil Beat Reality Check

Small businesses impacted by construction along Honolulu’s ongoing rail project are not seeing the help they hoped to see from the city.

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Printmaker Explores the Fallibility of Memory 

So many of the images we conjure up in our minds are altered in some way: by wishful thinking, or just by the passage of time. “The Memory Of…” uses found images to explore the ways we alter our memories to suit ourselves and challenges us to think again about the images from our lives that we chose to preserve.

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