The Conversation: Tuesday, August 25th 2015

Aug 25, 2015

Pcards and Additional Ethics Council Members; Sunny Skies, Shady Characters: Cops, Killers, & Corruption in the Aloha State; Student Death Protocol and Suicide Prevention Activities Petition; Kauai Based Food Writer



Pcards and Additional Ethics Council Members: Margaret Wille

Coming soon to the Hawaii County Council is a bill for a charter amendment that could mean a larger ethics board for the island. Spurred by the what Kohala Councilwoman Margaret Wille says is the inability of the Ethics Board to deal with the possible wrongdoing surrounding Pcards, and the potential fix could be a  larger Board with a different selection process. That would mean going from five to nine members and allowing councilmembers to both appoint and confirm Board members. Margaret Wille joined the show via phone to elaborate.

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Sunny Skies, Shady Characters: Cops, Killers, & Corruption in the Aloha State: Jim Dooley

Sunny Skies, Shady Characters: Cops, Killers, and Corruption in the Aloha State
Credit James Dooly and University of Hawaii Press

James Dooley spent a thirty-year career as an investigative reporter in Hawaii turning over rocks, filing stories about corruption, and the hidden world where crime, law enforcement, politics and entertainment overlap.   The stories are all there in his new book Sunny Skies, Shady Characters, and the cumulative effect is overwhelming.   Most of its colorful characters are gone from the stage now, but a reader is left wondering: has organized crime in Hawaii simply dried up and blown away or do we just not know as much about it these days?  His book is a reminder of the value of fearless investigative reporting. James Dooley will give a Center for Biographical Research Brown Bag Talk next Thursday, Sept. 3rd at noon and hold a book signing at the Hukilau restaurant downtown on Wednesday, Sept. 16th.

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Student Death Protocol and Suicide Prevention Activities Petition: Susan Schultz

A few weeks ago, a young man fell to his death on the UH Manoa campus. He was trying to keep another young man from committing suicide. Now a UH professor is again calling for a change in policy over how the school deals with death on campus. English professor Susan Schultz is circulating a petition to ask the school to be more consistent with the UH West Oahu campus and to sponsor more suicide prevention activities.

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Kauai Based Food Writer: Marta Lane

There’s no doubt that the farm-to-table movement is taking hold across the country, but the American palate is a conservative one… and most of us stick to what’s familiar.   Marta Lane is a Kauai-based food writer whose mission it is to educate people about the joys of fresh food.  She’s the author of “Tasting Kauai 2015: An Insider’s Guide to Eating Well on the Garden Island”, and she joined the show via phone from Kaua‘i.

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