The Conversation: Tuesday, April 23rd

Apr 23, 2013

Legally bound: a labor saver sticks new owners with old staff

Matt DiGeronimo is the Senior Managing Director of Smith Floyd Mergers & Acquisitions. He also hosts the firm's weekly  radio show on KGU AM. HB634, the bill to compel a new owner to keep existing employees in businesses with over 100 staffers, is in conference today.

Culture clashing women report conflict

Kim Barker is speaking tonight at U-H Manoa on “From Montana to Afghanistan: Covering Conflict and the Clash of Cultures,” this evening at 6 P.M.

Hard questions about saving other lives as one life ends

Felicia Wells-Williams is a registered nurse and the Family Services director of Legacy of Life Hawaii. She and the program's social workers and chaplain help family members of potential organ and tissue donors make informed decisions about donation. 

Prat-falling into Hollywood Arms

Julianna Scharnhorst plays Carol Burnett in the Maui OnStage production of “Hollywood Arms.” The show runs weekends through May 5, at the Historic Iao Theater. 

Al Jazeera has today's world report, we've got a penguin in the backyard  and bills and budgets in the reality check. First, the news from NPR.