The Conversation: Thursday, September 28th, 2017

Sep 28, 2017

Jones Act Waiver; STEM in Space; Japanese Puppetry

Credit Pixabay

Credit Pixabay

Jones Act Waiver for Puerto Rico

The Jones Act is an obscure 20th Century U.S. shipping law that is currently having big impacts on hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico.

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Mike Fincke aboard the International Space Station.
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NASA Astronaut Mike Fincke and the Importance of STEM

If you’re curious about the value of so-called STEM education, consider the life Colonel Mike Fincke. Serving as an astronaut he conducted three space flights and a six-month stay aboard the international space station.

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Civil Beat Reality Check

The Office of Information Practices at the State Capitol is the gateway to a public records search, and an effort to triple its fees and alter its rules is drawing fire from open government advocates.

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Credit Ayumi Sakamoto

Shank’s Mare Puppet Performance

Theater forms around the world have embraced puppetry for centuries, but in the West, it has come to be regarded as children’s entertainment.