The Conversation: Thursday, November 16th, 2017

Nov 16, 2017

Health Science of Vaping; Hawaii Island Bus System; New Data on Coral Bleaching

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Science and Lobbying in Vaping Regulation

“Engines of addiction” are how longtime critic of the tobacco industry Robert Proctor describes vaping devices and electronic cigarettes.

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Challenges to Mass Transit on Hawaii Island

Many working people on Hawaii Island depend on bus service for their livelihoods. But the Hele-On service has been struggling; ridership is down and buses are in need of repair.

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Civil Beat Reality Check

Surprise and skepticism have greeted the Honolulu Authority of Rapid Transit’s stated intention to extend Honolulu’s rail transit project to the University of Hawaii.

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Surviving Coral Bleaching

This has been a bad year for coral bleaching around the world, a trend directly linked to global warming. Hawaiian waters have seen two serious bleaching events in recent years.  

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