The Conversation: Thursday, January 11th, 2018

Jan 11, 2018

Rule of Law in Trumpian America; Maui Water Department Drama; Marco Polo Updates; Oral Health Strategic Planning Sessions

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Rule of Law in Trumpian America

Everyone is accountable; laws are just; the lawmaking process is transparent, and disputes are settled fairly, without fear or favor. We have all grown up with these bedrock assumptions about the rule of law, but today we live with some uncertainty about them.

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Maui Water Department Drama

Maui’s mayor and County Council are embroiled in a disagreement over the deputy director of the Water Supply Department.

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Civil Beat Reality Check

A Maui landowner lost his waterfront land to the state government and now may have to pay the state $1 million as part of an eminent domain case.

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Marco Polo Updates

The Marco Polo Association is telling property owners that it now has 67 percent of its members in support of installing a sprinkler system in the building. It needs a two-thirds majority to move ahead and the association said is extending the deadline for residents to vote until February 28th.

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Credit Brian Hutchinson Birch / Hawaiʻi Public Health Institute

Oral Health Strategic Planning Sessions

Hawaii’s children have the highest rate of tooth decay in the nation, and we are the only state without public access to fluoridation. The last three national surveys of oral health have given Hawaii a failing grade

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