The Conversation: Thursday, February 9th, 2017

Feb 9, 2017

Lowering Blood Quantum for Hawaiian Homelands; Social Media Parenting; Plantation Village On Stage

Authentic period buildings serve as exhibits in Hawaii's Plantation Village, the setting for Plantation Plays.
Credit Flickr

Social Media, Media and Sex: Justine Finn

Justine Finn is the Director of Relation Shift.
Credit Justine Finn

  We are far from the days when a screen meant a TV, how you saw a movie or the thing in your window to keep the bugs out. Mobile devices of all types have put screens in reach of many kids for over a decade, and changed the nature of relationships. Instant access to peers, social media sites and media of all types has brought out the dark side of communication. Justine Finn works to stem it. She’s the director of Relation-Shift , a project that was founded at the Harvard Innovation Lab to work with middle and high schools students.

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LCC Production of Plantation PlaysAshley DeMoville 

Cast members of Plantation Plays at Hawaii's Plantation Village.
Credit Ashley DeMoville

It isn’t often a theater artist is given an opportunity to write and design a piece for a specific setting, but that’s what three young playwrights have done with The Leeward Theatre Production of Plantation Plays, at Hawaii’s Plantation Village in Waipahu. In each of their short plays, the setting is very much a part of the story. Ashley DeMoville is the project director.

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Civil Beat Reality Check: Libraries and Homelessness

The main branch of the Hawaii State Library system in Honolulu.
Credit Natanya Friedheim/Civil Beat

Libraries across the state have become community living rooms for homeless people and those looking for help with their lives. That is why Hawaii’s library system is looking for funds from the legislature to train its employees to better connect patrons to social services. Civil Beat reporter Chad Blair has the reality check.

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Lowering the Blood Quantum to Inherit Hawaiian Homes Land: Robin Puanani Danner

Designated Hawaiian Homelands across the state.
Credit Nelson Minar / Data from Hawaii Office of Planning

In Hawaii, centuries of cultural and ethnic blending has diluted the blood quantum in many families with Hawaiian ancestry. That is causing a problem for Hawaiian Home Land tenants who would like to pass on their property to a successor, but are hampered by the current requirement of at least 25% Hawaiian blood.  A bill in the state legislature this week proposes to change the required blood quantum to 1/32nd. However, there are other issues with the bill according to Robin Puanani Danner, the chairperson of the Sovereign Councils of the Hawaiian Homelands Assembly

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