The Conversation: Thursday, February 22nd, 2018

Feb 22, 2018

Biki Bikes Expansion; Zen Camera Book; Volunteer Assistance for HPD in Domestic Violence Disputes; Restaurant Tip Pooling

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Credit Casey Harlow

Biki Bikes Expansion

Biki is tapping into matching federal funds to expand its bike stations this summer. Bikeshare Hawaii runs the Honolulu-based bike rental program. The program launched in the summer of 2017 and will expand with new Biki stops this coming summer.

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Zen Camera Photography

The art of photography calls for immersion in the moment -- what is it about that instant of time that makes you want to preserve it?     David Ulrich has been teaching photography for decades, and sees the quest for that immersion in the moment as a kind of spiritual practice.
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Civil Beat Reality Check

Nearly 4,000 Hawaii kidney disease patients on are being kept alive by dialysis. Their access to the critical care they need is falling victim to bureaucracy, however, as the State lags behind on the required certification of dialysis centers.

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Volunteer Assistance for HPD in Domestic Violence Disputes

A program called Safe on Scene, which works with the Honolulu Police Department as it responds to domestic violence calls, is extending its helping hand to the west side of Oahu. The program sends a victim advocate to talk to people on-scene.

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Restaurant Tip Pooling

When you leave a tip at a restaurant, who gets the money?   Is it shared equally among wait staff and so-called back-of-the-house workers?   We asked Clayton Kamida, President and CEO of the Hawaii Employers’ Council, to explain how tip pooling works today and explain why the Council wants the rules that govern tip-pooling changed.   

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