The Conversation: Thursday, August 25th, 2016

Aug 25, 2016

USGS Study of Black Band Coral Disease; Production of "The Best Man"; New Rules for Interacting with Spinner Dolphins; Community Gardening

Kauai's Na Pali Coast
Credit Wikimedia Commons


Preliminary findings of a USGS study on black band coral disease on Kauai: Christina Kellogg


Black Band Coral
Credit West Hawaii Today

For several years we have heard from UH researchers that runoff and underwater discharge could be contributing factors in the death of corals around Hawaii. This month, the US Geological Survey studied Kauai’s Na Pail coast to gather evidence and while it is at the moment not conclusive, researchers are still looking at groundwater discharge as at least one of the reasons behind coral failure. Christina Kellogg is an Environmental Microbiologist with St. Petersburg Coastal and Marine Science Center

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TAG’s Production of Vidal Gore’s “The Best Man”: David Farmer

Today’s Democratic and Republican nominating conventions are carefully stage-managed affairs, but back in 1960, when Gore Vidal wrote his play “the Best Man,” they were an anything-goes proposition, with the possibility of sudden shifts of momentum that could make or break a political career.   The nomination is up for grabs in his play, and its Hawaii premiere production is an opportunity to get an insider’s view of the rough-and-tumble that goes on behind the scenes.

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NOAA's newly proposed rules concerning Hawaiian spinner dolphins: Ann Garrett

Spinner Dolphins
Credit Wikipedia

  Imagine you live in, say, Kansas City and dream of a Hawaii vacation. One that includes swimming in the ocean with a mammal you’ve only seen in media or maybe in a zoo.  it’s a compelling reason many visitors come to Hawaii and one promulgated by Hawaii tourism. But that could change with proposed new rules over the distance ocean swimmers would have to maintain with spinner dolphins to safeguard the dolphin’s resting and family time, the proposal was released this week and is now up for public comment...but at its core, the proposal also asks a basic question: should human seek contact with dolphins. Ann Garrett is Assistant Regional Administrator for the Protected Resources Division of NOAA Fisheries' Pacific Islands Regional Office

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Hāliˊimaile Community Garden: Lori Feroldi

Hali'imaile Community Garden on Maui
Credit Haliimaile Garden

  If the sustainable agriculture movement is to succeed -- and there’s every reason to believe it’s doing just that -- it has to succeed on the ground level: in individual communities. In Puunene, Maui, the nerve center is the Hāliˊimaile Community Garden, which has more than 100 plots of land available. Lori Feroldi is its secretary/treasurer and one of the volunteers who keep it going

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