The Conversation: Remembering Pediatrician Tomisaku Kawasaki

Jun 23, 2020

Medical legacy of Dr. Kawasaki; Community-based work furlough program closing; Lawmakers hammer out police misconduct bill; Addressing concerns about returning to work; Making schools safe for students

Medical legacy of Dr. Kawasaki

Dr. Tomisaku Kawasaki died in Japan this month at the age of 95. His name is linked to what was a mysterious disease in young children that he identified decades ago. Dr. Marian Melish, who was the first to identify cases here in Hawaii, knew Dr.Kawasaki personally and recalled collaborating in those early days of research.  

Community-based work furlough program closing

The Department of Public Safety gave the YWCA notice that it plans to shut down the program which houses female inmates at its Fernhurst facility at the end of the month.

Advocates say it is not for lack of success for a transitional program that was started by T.J. Mahoney and picked up by the YWCA. There are currently 6 women enrolled who will return to life behind bars next week, unless DPS has a change of heart in the next few days.

Lawmakers hammer out police misconduct bill

 In today's Reality Check, Honolulu Civil Beat's Blaze Lovell has his eyes on a bill pushing for more transparency when it comes to misconduct of police officers. It's one of the items that lawmakers are addressing this week. Click here to read Blaze's story on

Addressing concerns about returning to work

The COVID-19 crisis has upended local businesses. Some closed due to government mandated shutdowns, while others have closed up due to lack of customers and revenue.

But as restrictions have lifted across the state, some businesses are reopening in this new world of masks and physical distancing. What’s out there to help businesses survive and thrive? The Conversation’s Jason Ubay spoke with Ben Godsey, ProService’s President and CEO, about the common concerns companies have.

Making schools safe for students

Credit Hongwanji Mission School

Yesterday we looked at how Punahou, one of the state’s largest private schools, plans to reopen classes in the fall. Today we spotlight a smaller school: Hongwanji Mission in Nuuanu.