The Conversation: Reducing Hawaii's Wildfire Risk (Rebroadcast)

Jan 3, 2020

According to wildfire specialists Hawaii has seen an average of 20 thousand acres burn every year. Most recently it has been the county of Maui that has seen what’s seen more than its share of scorchers. With recent blazes on Oahu and the Big Island it remains clear that no island is totally safe from wildfire. What’s our strategy to reduce our risk?

We share a rebroadcast of a show taped last November that featured guests:

  • Maui Fire Department Assistant Chief Val Martin. He got his start as a federal firefighter here on Oahu and has also served with the Honolulu Fire Department on the North Shore and in town.  

  • Michael Walker is the State Fire Protection Forester for the Department of Land & Natural Resources, Division of Forestry & Wildlife. The division is the primary responder for wildland fire on 26% of the land in the state, and assists with county and federal partners for an additional 25%.  He has been working with invasive species, forest restoration, and fire in Hawaii since 2000.

  • and Clay Trauernicht, Ecologist & Wildland Fire Specialist with University of Hawaii.