The Conversation: Oral History of Palama Settlement

Aug 20, 2020

Palama Settlement Oral History; Scaled-back RIMPAC; Economic Shortfall of RIMPAC

Palama Settlement Oral History Project

This morning we put the spotlight on an anchor in a community known to attract Hawaii’s newest immigrants. Palama Settlement is a social service non-profit that marks its 125th anniversary in 2021. In these pandemic times with its programs serving our kupuna and keiki restricted, it has focused its efforts on feeding the community. HPR’s New Director Bill Dorman joins me in-studio.  We are also joined by Paula Rath - the granddaughter of the founder of Palama Settlement, James Arthur Rath, and the daughter of Bobby Rath, whose oral history will be heard today.

 RIMPAC, Scaled Back Changes This year's RIMPAC event will proceed as planned, albeit with scaled back demonstrations due to Covid-19. HPR's Ryan Finnerty joins us to discuss changes made to this year's war games.

 RIMPAC Business 

 This year’s scaled down RIMPAC certainly will not have the same kind of economic impact, but some businesses will still benefit. Jason Chung is the vice president of military affairs with the Chamber of Commerce Hawaii. In that role, he advocates for the military in Hawaii and helps link the local community, business and government. He spoke with The Conversation’s Jason Ubay about which local businesses are still engaged with RIMPAC.