The Conversation: Monday, September 10rd, 2018

Sep 10, 2018

Judge Rules Against Counties, Health Services For Our Micronesian Community, Boy Scouts Open to Girls, Veteran Story: Alex Tang

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Judge Rules Against Counties


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We take a closer look at the battle brewing over a public education/tax ballot question. It foreshadows a tough political campaign this fall.

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Health services For Our Micronesian Community


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Over the years here in Hawaii, we have seen the community of Micronesians grow. The clamor has also grown louder about federal reimbursements to communities like Hawaii and Guam which also has a large population. Today Kuuwehi Hiraishi joins us live with more on a looming deadline that stands to affect health care for three island nations.

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Reality Check

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We checked in with our partners at Honolulu Civil Beat. Brittany Lyte takes us to Kauai an outpost for a radio station with an interesting past and uncertain future.

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Boy Scouts Open to Girls


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The Girl Scout Council of Hawaii is now seeing competition for members since the Boy Scouts of America has decided to begin to recruit girls. We sat down the head of the Boys Scouts Jeff Sulzbach about the changes ahead.

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Veteran Story: Alex Tang


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Tomorrow marks the 17th anniversary of the 911 attacks on New York and the Pentagon. Earlier this summer we came across a woman with a little different story. Alex Tang told us she signed up after visiting the 911 Memorial Museum through a program that reached out to immigrants that today no longer exists. Even though Tang has left the Army she still is deeply connected and moved to help our soldiers.

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