The Conversation: Monday, March 21st, 2016

Mar 21, 2016

Teacher Shortage; Lullaby Project; Cesspool Follow Up; Cooking Demonstration.

North Shore, Oahu
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Ongoing Public School Teacher Shortage: Asst Professor Jeff Traczynski

McKinley Public High School in Honolulu
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For years, Hawaii schools have been short on teachers. According to the state teacher’s union, low salaries are a big part of the reason. With two months to go until the end of this school year, many schools are already considering how they will bridge the gaps in August. But UH economist Jeff Traczynski says they might want to examine some of his research that takes another view of the teacher shortage. We reached Jeff Traczynski on the East Coast and I asked him about the argument at the nexus of quality and pay.

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Leeward Theatre Presents “The Lullaby Project”: John Signor

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Lullabies were probably some of the first songs; the act of soothing a baby offers us all the evidence we need of the power of music. Lullabies come straight from the heart, and the kind of pure communication they represent is at the heart of the Lullaby Project, which gives parents and caregivers the opportunity to write and record a song for a chill. It’s coming to the Leeward Theater in the form of a concert where those lullabies will be performed. John Signor is putting the project together, and he’s with us this morning.

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Scientific Perspective On Cesspool Ban: Roger Babcock

Poorly maintained cesspool in Burundi
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A few weeks ago, Governor Ige signed new Department of Health rules banning new cesspools in Hawaii. That was after several lawmakers have sent a letter imploring him to consider the situation of places in more rural areas of the state. Last week, we spoke to one of the champions of the opposition, Representative and physician Richard Creagan. He said there were no problems with cesspools in the upper elevations of the Big Island and that for people building in rural areas, the cost for a septic system was prohibitive and unnecessary based on the science. Roger Babcock says he’s partly right. Mr. Babcock is a UH Manoa Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and he’s on the line with us now.

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Kusuma Cooray will conduct a cooking demonstration

There has been a quiet revolution in American kitchens for the last couple of generations: a growth in appreciation of cooking as an art, an explosion in the variety of ingredients available to the home chef, and an understanding that American food has earned a place among the cuisines of the world. Kusuma Cooray is a longtime member of Les Dames D’Escoffier Hawaii Chapter and a professor in the Kapiolani Community College’s Culinary Arts Program. She’s conducting a cooking demonstration next week, and she’s with us this morning.

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