The Conversation: Monday, June 27th, 2016

Jun 27, 2016

How Will BREXIT Affect Tourism; Entertainer Little Albert; A Lawsuit for Special Ed Studetns; Basketball and Lysistrata

Waimea Bay, Oahu
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Brexit Impact On Hawaii Tourism: Dr. Eugene Tian

Waikiki Beach

Last Friday, we woke to find an unexpected result to Britain’s referendum on its participation in the EU: the UK had voted to leave. Since then, there have been some calls for a do-over citing a lack of real understanding of the vote’s implications. Regardless of how that turns out, many people around the world are wondering what now? And so were we. WE called the state department of business, economic development and tourism to get a fix on the impact Hawaii may feel from the Brexit. DBEDT’s, Chief Economist Dr. Eugene Tian joins us today by phone

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Entertainer Little Albert

Albert (far right) when he gained the moniker Little
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If there’s one special key to maintaining longevity in the music business, it’s versatility.  Tastes change faster than anyone can keep up, so the race is to the swift -- and the readily adaptable. Little Albert Maligmat has spent his whole life is music --a seven-year-old phenom with the Rocky Fellers in the early 60’s, as an original member of SOS, a legendary show band, and as a solo artist. He’s bringing all that history to the Blue Note tomorrow evening, and he’s with us this morning.

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Special Education Class Action Lawsuit: Michelle Comeau

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Up until a 2010 case that challenged the illegality of the practice, Hawaii special education students were routinely told they had to leave school at age 20. That, despite a federal law assuring students the right to stay in school until they get a regular diploma or reach age 22. Although Hawaii changed its stance after a 2013 ruling, the court decided last year that students who were forced to leave early are entitled to receive free services from the DOE to make up for the time that they lost. Even, so many of the students who would be affected by the ruling don’t know what may be available to them; and actual services to class action lawsuit members have yet to start. Michelle Comeau is an attorney involved with the case and she’s in our studio this morning.

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MVT Lysistrata Jones: Brad Powell

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Aristophanes really hit on something when he created his classic comedy Lysistrata, in which the women of Athens withhold their favors in order to bring about peace on the battlefield, only to generate a fair amount of unrest at home. The musical comedy Lysistrata Jones upends the time-honored premise a bit; now the battlefield is a basketball court, and the goal is to win. Brad Powell is directing the Manoa Valley theater production that opens next week, and he’s with us this morning.

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