The Conversation: Monday, June 20th, 2016

Jun 20, 2016

Faith and Conservation in Conjunction; A New Young Adult Novel from a Moloka‘i Writer; Easter Seals Hawaii; HOT School Residency Program

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Coral Reef Symposium, A Researcher’s Take on the Connection Between Conservation and Religion: Elizabeth (Lizzie) McLeod

Lizzie McLeod
Credit Lizzie McLeod

This week, researchers from around the world are meeting at the 13th International Coral Reef Symposium. One of its goals is to improve trust and communications among scientists, policy makers, managers and stakeholders. Elizabeth McLeod is a climate adaptation scientist with the Nature Conservancy and works to engage faith communities in that conversation. She’s in our studio this morning.

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Young Adult Novel, RANI PATEL IN FULL EFFECT: Sonia Patel

Sonia Patel and her novel "Rani Patel In Full Effect"
Credit Sonia Patel

When your cultural background and your environment are in conflict, the tension can pull you apart.  it’s a story Sonia Patel knows well, as a therapist and as the author of a young adult novel called RANI PATEL IN FULL EFFECT. Sonia was raised on Molokai by a family that came here from India, and her novel takes us into the world of a 16-year old dealing with cultural clashes that threaten to destroy her. It’s a literature born of rap and slam poetry, and Sonia’s with us in our studio.

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Easter Seals Hawaii: Ron Brandvold

If you also listen to HPR1, you’ve no doubt heard part of Bob Werhman’s series, The Benevolent Mind series. It explores philanthropy and was created in partnership with the Hawaii Community Foundation celebrating it centenary this year. In our periodic look at trends and changes in the nonprofit world, today the view from a group in operation in Hawaii for 70 years. Easter Seals CEO, Ron Brandvold joins us now.

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2016 HOT Opera Residency, Niu Valley Middle School: Erik Haines

Students participating in HOT's School Residency Program
Credit Erik Haines

It’s a challenge faced by opera companies around the world: reaching out to young audiences.   The task is made easier by programs like the collaboration between Niu Valley Middle School and Hawaii Opera Theatre -- an summer Opera Residency that gives students to staqe a production of Aida, no less. Erik Haines leads the HOT's Education Department, and he has seen what happens when young people get a taste of grand opera.

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