The Conversation: Monday January 9th, 2017

Jan 9, 2017

2017 Legislative Preview; Coffee Berry Borer Arrives on Maui; The Tangled Web of an On Screen Romance

Ripe coffee berries like these are vulnerable to the invasive Coffee Berry Borer.

2017 Legislative Session Preview: Senator Will Espero

Senator Will Espero
Credit Will Espero

As you might expect, police and prison reform top the list of Senator Will Espero’s 2017 legislative session list. There are other issues, too- including the tax extension to complete rail to UH Manoa and a bill for a 2-billion-dollar housing bond that the Senate Majority Floor Leaders says will take his attention over the next 4 months. Senator Espero has a preview.

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MVT Production of Stage Kiss: Kevin Keaveney 

Credit Manoa Valley Theatre

You see two actors in an ardent embrace onstage, and you have to wonder: how real is it?  It’s real for the audience, all right -- but how real is it for them? Showbiz history is rich with stories of co-stars, inspired by their onstage roles, who couldn’t keep their hands off each other offstage -- and as many stories of romantic leads who couldn’t stand each other. The comedy Stage Kiss, coming to Manoa Valley Theater, is about two actors whose reality gets all mixed up with their onstage fantasy. Kevin Keaveney is the director.

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Civil Beat Reality Check: Kealoha Case

Chief Louis Kealoha maintains that he and his wife are innocent of wrongdoing.
Credit Cory Lum/Civil Beat

The retirement of HPD’s chief following the Honolulu Police Commission’s closed door meeting last Friday may have put an end to his career...but could it be just the beginning of big, nasty mess? Civil Beat reporter Chad Blair has the reality check.

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Coffee Berry Borer Discovered on Maui: Sydney Smith

The Coffee Berry Borer could potentially cause millions of dollars worth of damage to coffee farms.
Credit Wikimedia Commons

Over the last six years coffee farmers on Hawaii Island have been working to overcome a threat to their boutique brand of coffee. It’s not a coffee snob; the coffee berry borer doesn’t seem to care which kind of coffee it invades and as we went into the weekend, the Hawaii Department of Agriculture confirmed its presence on Maui. We called the head of the Maui Coffee Association...Sydney Smith owns Maliko Estate Coffee.

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Japanese Dance Instruction: Akari Ueoka

Credit Trish Baker Photography

At its heart, dance is a spiritual practice, an art form as old and as varied as humankind.   That’s what it is for Akari Ueoka, whose study of a wide variety of dance forms began in childhood, growing up in Japan’s Kochi prefecture. is teaching a style born in her homeland called “Yosakoi,” which translates to “good world has come.”

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