The Conversation: Monday, December 14th 2015

Dec 14, 2015

Ecologist and Cancer Survivor - Dr. Sandra Steingraber; Street Light Cadence; HSTA Education Omnibus Bill for 2016; Daddy Will Fix It

Ecologist and Cancer Survivor: Dr. Sandra Steingraber

For Dr. Sandra Steingraber the nexus of environmental pollution and cancer is personal. She is a cancer survivor as well as a biologist and one of her books, Living Downstream: An Ecologist’s Personal Investigation of Cancer and the Environment, brings together data on toxic releases with data from US cancer registries. The book was adapted for the screen in 2010, and these days she writes and speaks extensively about fracking. This week, she is speaking in Honolulu and prior to that she joined The Conversation to talk about her research and personal experiences.

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Streetlight Cadence: Jonathon Franklin and Brian Webb

Streetlight Cadence

Streetlight Cadence is still a young band, but they’ve seen a lot of changes in the six years they’ve been together, a trajectory that has taken them from street performance to the concert hall and the recording studio. Jonathon Franklin is the lead singer and violinist for the band, which is performing in HPR’s Atherton studio this Friday.  Today he joined us in studio with guitar in hand along with the band’s cellist and percussionist, Brian Webb, to give a preview of the concert.

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HSTA Education Omnibus Bill: Corey Rosenlee

Preparation for the coming 2016 legislative session has been going on for a while now and organizations like the Hawaii State Teachers Association have been working on their agendas. The HSTA says it will introduce legislation to create an equally quality-oriented learning experience for all students preschool through grade 12, regardless of whether kids are in urban or rural schools.  Certain core subjects (science and social studies, for example) would be weighted the same as language arts and math, classroom size would be reduced, and repairs done to schools so they are safe and conducive to learning… and that’s just some of the list. To get more of it, HSTA president Corey Rosenlee  joined the show via phone.

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Daddy Will Fix It: Arlie Holmes

Most of us have felt excluded at one time or another and children can be cruel to kids who are seen as “different.” Maui-based novelist Arlie Holmes has fashioned a novel that looks at the world through the eyes of an outcast child, and finds redemption, and inspiration for others in his story.  His novel, the first in a planned trilogy, is called Daddy Will Fix It, and he joined The Conversation to tell us more about it.

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