The Conversation: Maui Mayor on Possible Lifting of Quarantine

Jun 24, 2020

Maui Mayor Mike Victorino; Reopening Inter Island Travel and Businesses; LGBTQ Supreme Court Ruling; Database on police misconduct; Centennial of Women’s Right to Vote

Maui Mayor Mike Victorino

This morning we talked to Maui Mayor Mike Victorino about among other things - the news that the Justice Department wants Hawaii's quarantine lifted. Is it unconstitutional? Here’s Mayor Victorino’s take.

Reopening Inter Island Travel and Businesses

HPR’s Kuuwehi traveled to the Big Island on the first day that inter-island restrictions were lifted. She joins us today.

LGBTQ Supreme Court Ruling

The Supreme Court’s recent ruling on a landmark decision to protect the employment rights of LGBTQ workers is still reverberating across the nation. The decision was built on rulings from separate cases which involved the firing of employees tied to sexual identity and orientation. The Conversation’s Harrison Patino spoke with Emily Marr, the assistant general counsel at the Hawaii Employers Council to find out how this case will impact employers here in the islands.

Honolulu Civil Beat Database on Police Misconduct

In today’s reality check we get a look inside the Database on police misconduct that Honolulu Civil Beat has been compiling for the past eight years. Reporter Nick Grube joins us.

Pupu Theater Centennial of Women’s Right to Vote

It’s around this time that the figures in Hawaii History come to life in the cemetery as part of Pupu Theater. This year things are a little different and the performances will come online. The theme is women’s triumph, celebrating 100 years of the 19th amendment - take a listen: