The Conversation: Maui County Mayor On Tighter Travel Restrictions

Nov 24, 2020

Maui Mayor Mike Victorino; Travel Testing Experience; Reality Check: House Speaker Critical of Changes to Travel Testing Program; ADA 30th Anniversary; Values of Hawaii

Maui Mayor Mike Victorino

Today is day one of a new order handed down by the governor. It requires travelers to have a negative COVID-19 test in hand before arriving in the islands.

Maui mayor Mike Victorino is in support of the tighter restrictions even though visitor industry leaders are critical of the move.

Travel Testing Experience

As we continue exploring the experience of travelers during these COVID times we hear from HPR’s Ashley Mizuo. She just returned from the Chicago area and got to see first hand what the pre-travel test process was like.   

Reality Check: House Speaker Critical of Changes to Travel Testing Program

Honolulu Civil Beat’s Reality Check takes a closer look at  the pushback from travel industry leaders over the governor’s decisions to require a negative test in hand before getting on a plane to Hawaii. Business Reporter Stewart Yerton joins us.

ADA 30th Anniversary

It was back in July of 1990 that President George Bush signed the Americans with Disabilities Act into law. Thirty years later we reflect on the progress made in the areas of  access and inclusion for the disabled. We reached out to Honolulu attorney Lunsford Philips. Over the years, he has taken business and government to court for failing to comply. 

Values of Hawaii

Hulihia; in Hawaiian it means "overturned," and it’s also the name of a new collection of essays from the University of Hawaii Press. The first volume of The Value of Hawaii was published 10 years ago and a second followed four years later. With 2020 bringing profound change to the world, the book once again brings diverse voices to share their visions for Hawaii’s future and discuss the big issues facing the Islands - climate change, urban development, tourism and more.

The Conversation’s Jason Ubay spoke with Noelani Goodyear Kaopua . She is a professor and department chair at UH Manoa’s Department of Political Science and one of four editors on the book.

Link to e-book.