The Conversation: Maui County Facing EMS Budget Cuts

Sep 22, 2020

  Spending CARES Money; Maui County EMS Budget Cuts; Reality Check: Possible Rail CEO Replacement; Gauging Vaccine Willingness; National Public Lands Day

Spending CARES Money

The clock is ticking for the state to spend roughly a billion dollar in federal pandemic relief. HPR's Ryan Finnerty joins us with more. 

Maui County EMS Budget Cuts

As the recession deepens and the state prepares for budget cuts, no government service is safe. That includes first responders. The state Department of Health has asked Emergency Medical Services on Kauai, Maui and Hawaii counties to prepare budgets with 10, 15 and 20 percent cuts. In these counties, EMS is provided by American Medical Response. Kapena Hill is a paramedic on Maui, and is the vice president of the Maui County Paramedics Association. In the past 28 years, he has worked across the state and also flies the air ambulance. He spoke with The Conversation’s Jason Ubay about the current state of EMS on Maui and what budget cuts could look like.


Reality Check: Possible Rail CEO Replacement

Our Reality Check this morning looks at what’s on tap for this week’s rail meeting. Honolulu Civil Beat’s Marcel Honore covers transportation issues and joins us. 

Gauging Vaccine Willingness

Much ado about vaccines. Once one does come out in this country, who will line up to get the shot? That’s the subject of the Long View with our contributing analyst Neal Milner. 

National Public Lands Day

This Saturday marks National Public Parks Day. In an effort to connect more people with public spaces, one Oahu Neighborhood is throwing the spotlight on its lei of parks. The upcoming virtual tour of Kaimuki’s 7 mini parks which includes a hidden nature trail. Here’s Sharon Schneider of Envision Kaimuki and geology professor John Sinton.