The Conversation: Managing Tantalus-Round Top Drive

May 7, 2019

Credit Hawaii Public Radio

Tantalus-Round Top Drive is one of the most scenic and historic road in our Honolulu.

It’s the subject of a community meeting tomorrow night. How can we better manage the natural resource and preserve the improve the roadway to keep the public safe?

The remote area is popular with drifters, cyclists, hikers and motorcyclists--but it’s also an important watershed and home to many hill side dwellers.

Today we talk with community members and planners to discuss managing the historic corridor. 

Our panelists are:

  • Perry White, with Planning Solutions - the company hired  to draft the management plan
  • Landon Johnson, a planner  with Department of Land and Natural Resources Forestry Division which initiated the study
  • Mark Bernstein, President of the Tantalus Community Association and a member of the advisory committee