The Conversation: Managing Hawai‘i's Airports Throughout The Pandemic

Apr 12, 2021

Managing Hawai‘i's airports throughout the pandemic; Promoting innovation in isolated economies; Reality Check with Civil Beat: Co-living for digital nomads; Hana Hou: Netflix's "Finding ‘Ohana" 

Managing Hawai‘i's airports throughout the pandemic

Credit Office of Gov. David Ige

The tourist industry started to pick up over spring break and the numbers have since remained steady with some 20,000 daily arrivals. We spoke to Ross Higashi, state Department of Transportation Airports Division Deputy Director, about his experience juggling pandemic regulations at 15 state airports, decreasing and then increasing travelers, and more.

Promoting innovation in isolated economies | Full Article

Isolated economies such as Hawaii, New Zealand and Western Australia are dominated by one major industry, thus leaving them open to external shocks. In a brief comparing these economies from the University of Hawaii Economic Research Organization, researcher Steven Bond-Smith says the economies are relatively small scale, but still integrated as part of a globalized trade system. 

Reality Check with Civil Beat: Co-living for digital nomads | Full Article

One Oahu real estate developer is launching a new co-living space for digital nomads in a penthouse just outside Waikiki. Civil Beat's Chad Blair joined us to talk about reporter Stewart Yerton's recent article.

Hana Hou: Netflix's "Finding ‘Ohana"

Credit Courtesy Netflix

Netflix released its very first original film "Finding Ohana" featuring Hawaiians and Hawaiian Culture earlier this year. The Conversation's Russell Subiono spoke to the screenwriter and two of the actors about Hawaii's evolving film and television industry. Click here to listen to the full interviews. 


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