The Conversation: Keck Observatory Scientist Wins Nobel Prize in Physics

Oct 7, 2020

Nobel Prize Winner; Presidential Health Issues; Reality Check: Alaska Travel Testing Program Not Going as Planned: Black Identity in Hawaii; Keeping Ag Lands in Hawaii Affordable


Nobel Prize Winner 

UCLA Astronomer Andrea Ghez was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for research conducted at the W.M. Keck Observatory on Hawaii Island. We also reached out to Jon O'Meara, the director of Keck facility. The scientists there have been able to continue their work even under the restrictions of the pandemic.


Presidential Health Issues

What happens when a sitting President becomes incapacitated? Contributing political analyst Neal Milner joins us to answer that question in our ongoing segment The Long View. 

Reality Check: Alaska Travel Testing Program Not Going as Planned

A testing program for travelers in Alaska isn’t working quite as hoped. That’s the subject of today’s Reality Check. Honolulu Civil Beat reporter Stewart Yertonon the line today. Morning!

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Black Identity in Hawaii

Being Black in Hawaiʻi is a rare experience shared only by about three percent of the state’s population. But, what about being Black and adopted by Native Hawaiians? That’s the story of Hawaiian falsetto music star Kamakakēhau Fernandez – and the subject of an upcoming documentary. HPR's Kuuwehi Hiraishi joins us with more.

Keeping Ag Lands in Hawaii Affordable

With the emphasis on economic recovery, we are looking at ways we can help our farmers as we work to build our resilience during tough times. Today we talk to Laura Kaakua, CEO of the Hawaiin Islands Land Trust, about efforts to keep agricultural lands intact to make farming and ranching more affordable for the future.