The Conversation: Hospitality Industry Weathers The COVID-19 Crisis

Apr 1, 2020

Tourism industry rides out crisis; UHERO on recession and recovery; State provides locations of COVID-19 cases; Why you can choose Pacific Islander on your Census form

Tourism industry rides out crisis

Resorts across the state have closed their doors, sending thousands of hotel workers home and guests packing. Chris Tatum, President and CEO of the Hawaii Tourism Authority, tells us how the state's number one economic industry is riding out the COVID-19 pandemic.

Credit Catherine Cruz

UHERO on recession and recovery

"This recession will surpass anything we've seen in our lifetimes." Those were the words of University of Hawaii economist Carl Bonham, who was speaking before a Hawaii State Legislature committee on the economic impacts of the pandemic. HPR reporter Ryan Finnerty asks UH economists and more about their latest forecasts.

State provides locations of COVID-19 cases

The Hawaii Department of Health has released new data on its website, including statewide testing counts and maps that show where the most COVID-19 cases have been confirmed by zip code. Civil Beat reporter Eleni Gill tells us about the data and more on the coronavirus. Click here to read the story at Click here for the DOH's website with coronavirus updates.

Credit U.S. Census Bureau

Why you can choose Pacific Islander on your Census form

It's officially Census day. We were at a rally that urged the Chamorro community to make sure they were counted so they didn't lose out on federal programs and services. On hand was Esther Kiaaina, who shared a story about how Native Hawaiian students helped make Pacific Islander an option on the Census.