The Conversation: HART CEO on Completing the Honolulu Rail Project

Oct 23, 2020

Update on Honolulu's rail project; Maskne (acne caused by wearing masks) now a thing; COVID vaccine to go to health workers first under Hawaii plan; HPU President's memories with RBG

Update on Honolulu's rail project

As if 2020 wasn't already stressful enough with the COVID-19 health crisis, the sudden rift between Honolulu's mayor and the Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation over the rail projecdt is adding to our economic turmoil. This morning we talked to Andrew Robbins, CEO of HART, about the disagreement over the public private partnership and fear that the bids have come in too high.

Credit Anestiev via Pixabay

Maskne - acne caused by wearing masks - now a thing

In this year of adapting to COVID-19, we have grown accustomed to washing or sanitizing our hands and wearing masks. The practice has caused some skin problems for many people. Dr. Theresa Devere, Kaiser Permanente's Chief of Dermatology, tells more about "maskne" and other skin problems emerging from our new habits.

COVID vaccine to go to health workers under Hawaii plan

Once a COVID-19 vaccine is authorized, the State of Hawaii plans on administering it first to emergency responders and people who work at hospitals, nursing homes and home care settings due to their risk of being exposed to bodily fluids and aerosols, according to the Hawaii Department of Health COVID-19 Vaccination Plan executive summary provided by the department and Gov. David Ige. Civil Beat Politics & Opinion Editor Chad Blair tells us about other complications that may arise. Click here to read Eleni Avendano's story at

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Mural, Washington D.C., 2019
Credit Ted Eytan

HPU President's memories with RBG

For the past week there has been a call to action in memory of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. People are being asked to lay flower tributes at the Capitol and take action on 27 points, each representing the 27 years that the associate justice served on the high court. Today we are rebroadcasting part of an interview we did with John Gotanda, president of Hawaii Pacific University, following the death of the Supreme Court Justice in September. He clerked for Ginsburg and shared his memories of her.