The Conversation: Governor Ige Talks Masks And Other Coronavirus Concerns

Gov. David. Ige talks masks and other coronavirus concerns; Honolulu's 911, ambulance services stand ready; Local company has masks hookup; Local film industry hit hard but optimistic about future

Gov. David Ige talks masks and other coronavirus concerns

Hawaii's Governor has been monitoring the military situation on Guam, as 1,000 Navy sailors have been removed off an aircraft carrier after a hundred tested positive for COVID-19. We asked if the Governor was concerned if a similar situation might unfold in Hawaii.

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Honolulu's 911, ambulance services stand ready

Hawaii anticipates an expected spike in coronavirus cases, and Honolulu's Emergency Service personnel are vital. James Howe is the department director and he tells us about the precautionary measures it is taking during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Local company has masks hookup

A Waikiki-based specialty printing company says it has access to up to 4 million FDA-approved medical masks but it's marketing the products primarily to construction firms. Civil Beat reporter Stewart Yerton has the story on JPG Hawaii and its a connection to a China-based manufacturer. Click here to read the story on

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Local film industry hit hard but remains optimistic

If you're catching up on TV shows and movies while on government orders to stay at home to slow down the spread of the coronavirus, it's thanks to the thousands working in the entertainment industry, many of whom are now out of work. Couple that with Hawaii 5-O's series finale tomorrow nigth at the end of a 10-year run, and things apear to be dire for our local entertainment industry.

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