The Conversation: GOP Plans For Safe Reopening

Jun 3, 2020

Reopening Hawaii Safely; Hawaii Island Tourism Jobs; Politician's Bullying Sows Discord; The Long View: Why Protests Escalate

Reopening Hawaii Safely

House Republican Reps. Bob McDermott and Gene Ward submitted a plan last month to help Hawaii reopen to tourism safely. They say we have one chance to get it right. They feel a sense of urgency because Las Vegas plans to reopen its casinos on June 4 and we all know that is a strong draw for many Hawaii residents



Hawaii Island Tourism Jobs

Anticipation is building for June 16th--that's the day when interisland travel restrictions will be lifted. People are anxious to return to work if they have jobs tied to the visitor industry. HPR’s Kuuwehi Hiraishi joins us with a look at the unemployment situation on the Big Island.

Politician's Bullying Sows Discord

Today’s Reality Check offers a glimpse behind the tension between some senators and the Governor’s cabinet members. Click here to read Chad Blair's article on

The Long View: Why Protests Escalate

Today the city of Minneapolis upgraded the homicide charges against a policeman and levied charges against three other officers.  It’s not clear what impact that will have on the protests across the country for the death of George Floyd. The protests are the subject of our ongoing segment, The Long View.