The Conversation, Friday, November 16th, 2018

Nov 16, 2018

Waikiki War Natatorium Memorial; HPR Reporter Debrief; Building Permit Backlog; HIFF Film, United Skates



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Waikiki War Natatorium Memorial 

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  Let the battle begin! A new round over what to do about the Waikiki Natatorium has been touched off with a new alternative for a swim basin replacing the crumbling walls with a fiberglass mess. Former war veterans weighed in on the controversy over the weekend on veterans day...against the backdrop of the war memorial and ceremonies held there.

We talked to two veterans who remember swimming at the salt water pool when they were children. Retired Lt. Col. Curtis Manchester shared his memories.

Manchester hopes whatever is decided, its appropriate for the memorial. John M Cummings Jr. said he loved jumping off the pool tower and recalled watching elite swimmers from the US and Japan go head to head.

We also spoke with Jim Bickerton, the attorney for the Save Kaimana Beach Coalition. He had plenty to say about what the group he thinks is wrong with this latest alternative of a modified swim basin over the proposal tearing out the pool and recreating the memorial arch inland.



HPR Reporter debrief: FAA on Skyline

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  Earlier this week the Honolulu City gave the nod to a new highrise development in called Skyline Ala Moana HPR’s Wayne Yoshioka joins us here this morning with a closer look at what's coming down the pike.    



Reality Check

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  On today’s Reality Check in with our partners at Honolulu Civil Beat we are talking about a cave fish and its possible relationship to autism! Political and Opinion Editor Chad Blair is on the line this morning.






Building Permit Backlog

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   The Honolulu City Council has given final approval to a bill that aims to streamline the process for getting a building permit. Lengthy delays in issuing permits have been frustrating builders and homeowners alike. HPR’s Ryan Finnerty tells us more.




HIFF Film, United Skates

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  A documentary now being screened at the Hawaii international film festival has emerged as an audience favorite in screenings across the country and is headed for HBO!  We sat down with Kauai filmmaker Dyana Winkler to talk about the early success of her labor of love and the discovery of a vibrant music and skate scene in cities across the country. Generations of R&B musicians, including Queen Latifah are said to have got their start-- performing at rinks.