The Conversation: Friday, May 27th, 2016

May 27, 2016

Preventing Food Waste at UH Manoa; Similarities Between Ancient Fabrics and Modern Athletic Wear; Business of Organic Farming; Okinawan Heritage Festival


Food Waste at UH: Heather Fucini, UH Food Recovery Network President

Heather Fucini
Credit Heather Fucini

  We know there’s a lot of food going to waste in this world, and we also know that many of us are undernourished or just plain hungry. It’s an imbalance no one has seemed able to resolve on a global level, but we can at least make a difference in our own communities. That’s what drives Heather Fucini is the president of the University of Hawaii Food Recovery Network, which gathers surplus food from the UH campus and delivers it to those who need it most.

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Honolulu Museum of Art’s Exhibit “No Sweat”: Sara Oka

Bamboo undergarment featured in "No Sweat"
Credit Honolulu Museum of Art

  How do ancient Chinese garments compare to today’s’ technologically advanced athletic wear? Well, both are made for “moisture management” with the goal of keeping people cool in the hot climates. Sara Oka, curator of Textiles at the Honolulu Museum of Art has brought together an exhibit to trace the use of fabric from centuries-old traditional times to the contemporary high-tech textiles we wear today.

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Save Manoa Valley, DLNR meeting regarding Paradise Park: Dale Kobayashi

Manoa Valley
Credit Dale Kobayashi

  Questions have been raised lately about the value of the City’s neighborhood boards, and truth be told, most of us don’t give them much thought until an issue surfaces within a community… that’s what has happened in Mānoa’s, where some residents, in the wake of a unanimous vote from their neighborhood board have formed an organization called Save Mānoa’s Valley to combat a proposed development on the Paradise Park site in the back of the valley. The Department of Land and Natural Resources, DLNR, is holding a hearing today on a proposal that would allow 430-thousand visitors a year and 24 buses a day. Dale Kobayashi, chair of the Mano’a Neighborhood Board, gave us the background to the protest in a conversation we recorded yesterday.

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Patrick von Wiegandt’s Hoku nominated CD, Swanky2, Jazz Album

Patrick von Weigandt
Credit Patrick von Weigandt

  Did you ever feel like you were born in the wrong musical era? That the tunes you love the most are from a former time? What if you could live today and re-imagine your favorite songs in a new way, and find a group of musician friends to do the same? Welcome to the world of Patrick von Wiegandt. He’s a singer, producer/engineer and arranger and has been in love with the great sounds of the Jazz Age his entire life. He is nominated in two categories for the Na Hoku awards, Best Jazz Album, for Swanky 2 and Best video for My Valentine.

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