The Conversation: Friday, May 13th, 2016

May 13, 2016

Bee Health in Hawaii; Amazing Hawai‘i Comic-Con; Tax Breaks for Organic Farmers; Ka’u Coffee Festival

Ohia in bloom
Credit Flickr - Forest Starr and Kim Starr

Outlook for Bees in Hawaii: Michael Kliks


  For years, you’ve likely heard that Hawaii’s bees are under siege- from varroa mites, colony collapse, and habitat degradation. Concern over a lack of bees hasn’t caught up with reality according to Michael Kliks. After his stint as a honey producer, he’s now a bee manager and pollination expert and say the bees are doing just fine. That doesn’t mean they don’t have threats - and these days that means the small hive beetle and humans. Dr. Michale Kliks is with us this morning with an update on the bees

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The Amazing Hawaii Comic Con: Jimmy Jay 

Left ot Right, Sam Campos, Mark Takai, Stan Lee, Stacey Hayashi and Jimmy Jay at last year's ComicCon
Credit Jimmy Jay

  Asking anyone with a dominant nerd geek gene when they first became aware of comic books is a bit like asking when they first became interested in breathing air.  Back in 1986 our next guest’s Mom handed him a twenty at the San Diego ComicCon and said “Make it last.” He's made it last thirty years so far. Jimmy Jay’s bringing the Amazing ComicCon to the Hawaii Convention Center next weekend and he joins us by phone.

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Tax Breaks to Hawaii Organic Farmers: Sean Anderson

Green Row Farms, Waimanalo
Credit Sean Anderson

  Getting the USDA certified organic designation can be a costly process - and it’s why some farmers who ostensibly farm organically say they just can’t afford to pursue the paperwork. But after this legislative session, they have some help. Hawaii is poised to become the first state to offer would-be organic farmers a big break - up to 50 thousand dollars in tax credits. Sean Anderson is just the kind of farmer who would take up that deal should Governor Ige approve or allow it to become law. And that could mean a a whole lot more green to grow the organic produce consumers want.

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Ka`u Coffee Festival: Chris Manfredi

2015 Ka'u Coffee Festival
Credit Ka'u Coffee Festival

  Not so very long ago, when you mentioned coffee from the Fiftieth State, folks from the Mainland and the rest of the world immediately thought of Kona coffee. But now, coffee grows on Kauai, Oahu, Maui and Moloka’i as well as Hawaii’s Kona District. But there’s another Hawaii Island coffee growing district besides Kona-- And it’s winning world class awards-- Hawaii Coffee Association Director Chris Manfredi joins us with a look at the brew from Ka’u.

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