The Conversation: Friday, March 30th, 2018

Mar 30, 2018

Wildfire Risk; Female Legislators and #MeToo; Made in Hawaii Movie; Hawaii Pickleball League

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Credit Hawaii Wildfire Management Organization

Hawaii’s Disaster Vulnerability: Wildfires

Hurricanes and tsunamis get a lot more attention, but wildfires are one of Hawaii’s most common threats. Hundreds of wildfires break out across Hawaii every year. The vast majority of them are human-caused.

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Female Legislators in the Year of #MeToo

Today marks the final day for Speaker Emeritus Joe Souki. He agreed to step down as part of a settlement with the Ethics commission following sexual harassment complaints filed against him by Rachel Wong, one of the Governor’s former cabinet members

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Civil Beat Reality Check

The race for Governor is heating up and several of the challengers are teaming up to attack incumbent David Ige.

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Kuleana Film Made in Hawaii

Moronai Kanekoa is one of the principal actors in Kuleana, a made-in-Hawaii film that opens in theaters around the state today, and for him, the role has been a rare opportunity. “Kuleana” allows him to portray his own ancestry -- and to explore issues that will resonate with local audiences.   

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Competitors play pickleball in Princeville on Kauai.
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Pickleball Comes to Hawaii

It’s the fastest growing sport across the US and is quickly getting rooted in places around the globe. Pickleball is a cross between ping-pong, badminton and tennis and uses a whiffle ball. That’s a plastic ball with holes in it and why some call it Pukaball. Catherine Cruz takes us to Kapiolani Park where pickleball diehards are tearing up the courts.

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