The Conversation: Friday, March 2nd, 2018

Mar 2, 2018

Changing Workplace Etiquette; Collecting Tourism Data; Past and Future of Nuclear Weapons; Masters of the Currents

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Changing Workplace Etiquette

Many of the sexual harassment scandals that have surfaced through the #meToo movement have occurred in the workplace. The movement shows no signs of going away, and that means workers of both genders need to refine a kind of workplace etiquette that can’t be misunderstood

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Collecting Tourism Data

Tourism is big business in Hawaii, but like every industry, it needs data to run smoothly. A local research company is teaming up with a travel giant to move visitor data collection beyond the ubiquitous survey.

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Nalu Sceintific, a startup located in the Manoa Innovation Center, is creating processing chips vital to physics experiments conducted with the KEK High Energy Accelerator, pictured here, in Tsukuba, Japan.
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Civil Beat Reality Check

For more than two decades, the Manoa Innovation Center has been synonymous with the state’s High Technology Development Corp. But now, the University of Hawaii’s technology development office is taking over the center, and HTDC soon will merely be a tenant. Without rent income from tenants, HTDC will soon run out of money.

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The Beginning and End of the Bomb

The beginning and end of the bomb. It’s a thought-provoking exhibit that opens at the Kapiolani Community College library next week. The show grew out of the 50th anniversary of nuclear war and included the years of nuclear testing in the Pacific.

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Masters of the Currents

Masters of the Currents is a collaborative theater production showcasing the Micronesian Community’s struggles in today’s Hawaii and its heroic past as master navigators.

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