The Conversation: Experts Monitor Monk Seal Ailing With Toxoplasmosis

Mar 9, 2020

Kokua Council; Sandwich Isles Federal Court Action; Minimum Wage Legislature; Domestic Violence Awareness; Monk Seal Death

Kokua Council

A day after the state announced a second person has tested positive for Covid-19 an advocacy group for the elderly is  pressing for answers about contingency plans in the event the situation escalates here in the islands. Larry Geller is the executive director of Kokia Council which held a news conference this morning.


Sandwich Isles Federal Court Action

HPR’s Kuuwehi Hiraishi was on hand for a legislative briefing about the situation with the financially troubled Sandwich Isles on the eve of a federal court action for its assets.



Minimum Wage Legislature

Honolulu Civil Beat has been tracking bills related to raising the minimum wage. Reporter Blaze Lovell joins us this morning.

Read the full story here.

 Domestic Violence Awareness   Rachel Louise Synder is the author of several books - her most recent is entitled “No Visible Bruises. What we don't know will kill us’ and it  has been on the New York Times best seller list since it was released last year. The book is about domestic violence and the soaring rates of violent cases in this country.

Monk Seal Death

The news that we lost a monk seal to the disease toxoplasmosis was devastating to the volunteers and staff at the Marine Mammal hospital in Kona. The Ke Kai Ola Center also is currently watching another seal with the disease which is spread by cat feces. We talked to Dr. Cara Field and Megan McGinnis of the center about the status of the ailing seal. The NOAA Fisheries Monk Seal Hotline is (808) 651-7668